Levante Living COVID-19 Response

Message from President and CEO Mike Petersen

Across the retirement living sector, Covid-19 has continued to challenge residents, team members and families in 2021. Despite these challenges and through rigorous infection control and vaccination programs, Levante Living was able to achieve outstanding outcomes through the third wave of Covid-19. We experienced two outbreaks with a combined total of 4 positive team member cases during the third wave. Through continued education and leadership support for access to vaccines, 85% of Levante Living team members and 95% of residents have received at least one dose of and approved Covid-19 vaccine. Due to high vaccination rates among residents and team members, there were no lost lives and zero resident cases in the second quarter of 2021. As a result of these outstanding vaccination rates and with the guidance of public health, safe family visits, re-opening of dining rooms and programming have resumed across our residences. We are incredibly proud of the commitment and tenacity of our front line teams as they have work tirelessly to keep our residents safe.

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Levante’s COVID Strategy

  • Follow Best Practices in Management and Public Health Protocols
  • Review and Revise Your Outbreak Plan
  • Practice Transparent Communication from the Top down
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