Levante's COVID-19 Strategy

Follow best Management and Public Health Practices

Some of our strategies included:

  • Keep on top of Public Health Directives. Implement early.
  • Since Levante owns multiple residences, we had weekly (sometimes daily) conference calls throughout the pandemic with our General Managers and Directors of Care so that everyone was on the same page regarding implementing the most recent Public Health directives. This was, and continues to be, a great time for collaborating on questions that inevitably arise and offering mutual support and ideas.
  • Keep meticulous records of everything. Make sure your GM's have an Outbreak Binder and they record their actions, updates and letters sent out to date.
  • Keep leadership/staff accountable
  • Be grateful for your staff. Levante is fortunate to have great leadership and staff and we were able to offer a staff bonus.
  • Partner with others in the industry, hospitals, ORCA, RHRA to keep on top of PPE and other necessary medical supplies. Doing so, we were able to keep our residences well stocked.
Review and Revise your Outbreak Plan

Some of our strategies included:

  • Prior to Covid, all retirement residences should already have a detailed outbreak plan in place that was regularly reviewed.
  • Upon Covid, we revised this plan with our GMs every time there was a change in Public Health Protocol. If this happens again, we will have the structure in place to ¬†implement as per Public Health directives.
  • Have your GM's and DOC's talk through together with staff their plans surrounding what will happen if a resident or staff member:
    • is showing symptoms
    • tests positive
    • returns from the hospital
    • passes away
Practice Open Transparent Communication

Some of our strategies included:

  • Transparency modeled and requested from the top down.
  • Encourage General Managers and Directors of Care to ask for help if they need it.
  • Send out regular updates to residents and their families.
  • Send out regular updates to staff.


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