If you find yourself thinking about living in a Levante community, why not give us a call? One of our professional and courteous staff would be happy to help you sort through the issues.

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Beginning the journey to find the right senior living accommodations can be challenging, but you aren’t alone. At Levante Living, our goal is to listen to your needs and concerns, understand the kind of life you want, and partner with you to create a fulfilling solution. Many seniors just like you are now a part of a caring assisted living community with ample opportunities for growth and socialization.

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How Do I Know if I’m Ready for Assisted Living?

  • You’ve noticed that caring for your home or yard has recently become a burden.

  • You feel alone and isolated

  • You are concerned about your well being should you fall or become injured

  • Medications are becoming more difficult to remember and organize

  • You would love the option to enjoy tasty, healthy meals served to you rather than always shopping for groceries and preparing your own meals

  • You think would enjoy regularly scheduled recreational activities with others

  • Housework and laundry tasks have become difficult or tiring

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