Letter from CEO – Q4 2019

This year has proven to be a milestone for Levante. With the purchase of two retirement homes in Port Hope, Ontario, and Welland, Ontario, we have tripled the size of the company. For Levante, it’s been a busy year raising equity, sourcing the best residences, doing comprehensive due diligence and on-boarding these properties. We are extremely pleased with the results so far and are happy that our investors can partner with us in actualizing both personal value as well as caring for our Canadian seniors.

Part of the purpose for this quarterly newsletter is to fulfill our commitment to being transparent in how we report our progress and performance. We also want to highlight our accomplishments and shed light on the good work that is being done in this sector so that you, our investors, will get a sense of the high bar we have set for ourselves in terms of both yield and quality of care.

2020 will find us expanding on our foundation and consolidating further homes. We will also be looking carefully at Long Term Care in Ontario.

As we move toward future growth, it is our hope that you catch the same sense of excitement that we feel here at the Levante head office. As always, we welcome your interest and feedback.

Sincerely, Mike Petersen President & CEO