Levante 2018 New Acquisition

Levante Living is pleased to announce the acquisition of Riverview Terrace Retirement Residence. This acquisition accomplished our goals for 2018. As we assimilate these homes run by single operators, we anticipate driving operational efficiencies across all of our homes so we can capitalize on our growth and increase the probability of bringing good returns to our investors.
These are exciting times here at Levante. Come partner with us as we change the landscape of healthcare in Canada.

Welcome to Riverview Terrace Retirement Residence

Riverview Retirement Residence is an elegant, completely restored 1871 mansion located in the growing community of Brantford, Ontario.

Investment Highlights

  • Beautiful, stately, historic building
  • Great location near many amenities
  • Recently redeveloped and enhanced building
  • Fire sprinklers and back up generator
  • Private dining room for special occasions
  • Good reputation in the community
  • Offering semi-privates, small/large privates, and larger suites for couples

Property Summary

Type of building:          Retirement Home

Year built:                      1871 (main building) , 1986, 1991, 2014 (remodel)

Number of units:          66

Zoning:                            C4 Heritage Commercial Residential

Site area:                        .72 Acres

Number of storeys:      4

Parking                            16

Elevators                         2

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