Levante Living Self Care for our Staff


We all know that living through Covid has created stress in many forms throughout this past year. This is especially true if you have found yourself working in a profession where there are extra health risks, not only for yourself, but for those you serve.   As time has gone by, some of you have mentioned that you have felt overwhelmed the past few months.

In an effort to support you, Levante has created several short Self Care videos that we will be releasing in the coming weeks.  Likely, the content in them isn't anything new, but it helps to be reminded, now and then, how important it is for you to take care of yourself during times of stress.  There's some great practical tips in these videos and some inspiring thoughts that we hope you will find beneficial.  It's nothing huge, but sometimes it's the little things, like these support videos and your "Compassion Corner",  that can make a difference.

We hope this helps!

Be sure to check back here for access to further sessions.

Session 1 (on YouTube):  Covid 19 Recovery; Self Care Plans

For further assistance, you can visit the following CMHA links:

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