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A Sneak Peek of Wallaceburg

About Wallaceburg

You just found it! Beautiful accommodations, delicious food, attentive care, and a warm gathering of friends who can’t wait to meet you. You’re going to love it here!

Levante’s Wallaceburg Retirement Residence has been serving the Wallaceburg community for over 30 years. Renown in the area for its dedication to care and service, Wallaceburg Retirement Residence is the place to go for the very best in customized senior living. Our independent living and supportive care options allow you to easily access the support you need, allowing you to stay in the place you love as your needs increase. The staff here are dedicated professionals who work hard to create a vibrant environment full of activity, enrichment, and social events. Choose from studio, semi-private and one bedroom accommodations to suit your needs.

Join us for the best in customized long- and short-term retirement living.

Overview of Levante Living’s Services

Assisted living and assisted living plus at Wallaceburg

For those who require a bit more assistance to make your days a breeze, our assisted living options mean the supportive care you need is always available. With the ability to customize your assisted living options to meet your unique personal needs, Wallaceburg’s assisted living offers you exactly what you need to make your retirement life a joy.

Respite care at Wallaceburg Retirement Residence

With an uncompromising attention to individualized needs, Wallaceburg is a comfortable and safe place to stay after some time in the hospital.

Or, take a break from the cooking and cleaning and come for a short stay. You will receive all the benefits of our Independent Living program, in a fully furnished suite, including all meals and activities. You can try our amenities and great service and see for yourself why so many people love Wallaceburg. Let us assist you while you recover and enjoy the retirement living life!

About Levante Living

What’s our secret? We create places to Thrive.

Levante Living champions a vibrant, supportive environment focused on care, connect, and celebrate. Care and kindness form our foundation, fostering connections combats burnout and builds belonging, and celebrating achievements injects joy into our community. This approach ensures high standards of care and a thriving sense of community for everyone involved.


Levante Living resident

It is a great place to live. At home I was feeling lonely and bored. But here there is always someone to talk and visit with.


Levante Living resident

I love the staff. It is a privilege to get to know them. Everyone has been wonderful!


Levante Living resident

I love the art programs and the live entertainers that come in.


Levante Living resident

THE BEST!...the staff more than anything else & the food those are the things that makes Levante special. There is nothing you can do to improve the care here!


Levante Living resident

The staff are unbelievable, no complaints here. Feels like home away from home for me. The meals are always good. Its just been a good home for me!

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70 Duke St
Wallaceburg, ON N8A 1E3

About Wallaceburg Retirement Residence

Wallaceburg Retirement Residence is owned and operated by Levante Living. Together with our residents, we strive to create places where we can care for each other, connect deeply and celebrate life’s special moments.

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