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We’d like to thank you for your interest. Our vision is to consolidate senior housing in Canada, create efficient synergies within this field, provide consistent returns to our investors, and enhance the quality of life for a vulnerable and valuable segment of our community: our seniors. With many years of proven track record in the fund raising and senior living industry, our team eagerly looks forward to partnering with accredited investors who sense an opportunity to grow into this ever burgeoning market.


Canada’s seniors are facing a severe housing shortage as there is an increasing number of baby boomers turning 65, coupled with low property vacancy and supply as well as general soaring rent rates.

Stephanie Hughes, Karen Gu and Erin Stafford in a credit rating agency DBRS study reporting for huffingtonpost.ca:  Canada’s Retiring Boomers Face Severe Housing Crisis, May 12, 2018.  

Investing with Levante

The Levante Living Trust is a fund that provides a vehicle for investors to potentially capitalize on favorable demographic trends such as an aging population, increasing life expectancies, and the growing need for specialized care and stable sources of revenue in the Senior Living Industry in Canada. The intended result is consistent, long term wealth creation as well as enhancing the lives of seniors in Canada.

The Levante management team has 20 years in the senior living healthcare sector, including the development, operations and redevelopment of long-term care facilities and adult based residential communities as well as a combined 30 years experience in financial services, market equity raises, and managing public companies.

  • Canada’s premier creator of senior living funds
  • Enhancing the lives of Canadian seniors through professional and experienced management
  • Focused on assisted living and long-term care
  • Intended result is consistent wealth creation for investors
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Why Invest in Senior Living Now?

The Demand for Senior Housing: The Growing Senior Population & Declining Vacancy Rate

  • Number of Canadian seniors 65+ set to double to 10.4 million in the next 20 years.(Statistics Canada: https://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2011/as-sa/98-311-x/98-311-x2011001-eng.cfm)
  • Vacancy rates for all [senior housing] spaces touched at 9.9%, the lowest since 2001. (Source: “Seniors Housing Report Ontario.” CMHC. 2018. Page 1.)
  • With a total of 77,000 long-term care beds in Ontario, the wait list to get into a long-term care home sits at 32,000. This is set to increase to 50,000 in the next 6 years. (Source: “About Long Term Care in Ontario: Facts and Figures.” Ontario Long Term Care Association 2018 and “Nursing Home Wait List to Reach 50,000 in Next 6 Years Advocates Warn.” Kristin Rushowy. The Star. March 20, 2017.)

Lower Vacancy Rates

While the demand for senior living accommodations continues to remain strong due to the growing senior population, Levante Management believes there is evidence to support that the supply has struggled to keep up.

Total vacancy rate for retirement beds remained at an all time low in Ontario for 2019.

How you or your clients could potentially benefit by investing with Levante Living

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