Many people aren’t sure they are ready for retirement living. The following are things to consider as you contemplate making the move.

Beware of Waiting Too Long.

People often put off making the move to a senior home, waiting until something traumatic happens: a spouse passes away or a disability or illness forces a relocation. Unfortunately, time and again, we have witnessed that making a move to retirement living under these scenarios adds incredible stress to an already complicated situation; not only for the incoming resident (who is now dealing with trauma in addition to the move) but also to the family

members who are attempting to help out under these circumstances. If you can plan ahead and make the move when things are relatively calm in your life, when you are in fairly decent health, it can make a huge difference to all involved.

Levante Living Lifestyle
Levante Living Lifestyle

The Benefits to Moving In.

Some seniors have a hard time facing the thought that they are “old enough” to move into a retirement residence. There seems to be a lingering stigma that Retirement Residences are dull places with nothing to do. But Retirement Residences today are not the “nursing homes” of 25 years ago! Move into a senior living facility today and discover the benefits of senior living such as:

  • Health and wellness plans. Todays residences offer an amazing array of choices to optimize your health and wellness including games, book clubs, dancing, game nights, music, regular exercise, and instructional classes that are designed to expand your learning and physical performance.

  • Daily and weekly activities including excursions to interesting places, movie nights, holiday celebrations, games, crafts, meal shared with friends are all a part of the Riverview Terrace Retirement Lifestyle.

  • The benefit of not being alone. This is a wonderful perk, not only because it’s great to make new friends, but if something happens, if you need help in any way, caring staff are on call 24 hours a day to provide assistance. You and your loved ones can rest assured knowing that if you fall or if you become ill, you are not alone. Someone is there to care for you.

  • As time progresses and you need more assistance, you are already in a place that can provide the help you need.

  • Todays residences offer more choices than ever that can cater to your specific needs. Don’t feel like eating breakfast in the dining room? You can choose to eat in your room. Take advantage of the activities that interest you. Engage as much or as little as you like.

Indications that you or your loved one may be ready to move.

Read through the following and consider if you might be ready to take advantage of life in a Retirement Residence

  • You are currently alone most of the time

  • At home, you are uncertain of how to get help if you needed it and could appreciate the peace of mind knowing that someone is always available to assist you at a retirement residence

  • You like the idea of delicious meals prepared for you daily

  • You are interested in improving your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

  • You know you would enjoy not having to worry about house and yard maintenance

  • You know you would appreciate getting help with laundry and cleaning

  • You would like to assure your family and loved ones that you are getting the care and enrichment you need

  • You like the idea of being a part of a community, yet independent

Levante Living Lifestyle
Levante Living Lifestyle

Financial Considerations.

Your financial situation is something that will play a role in your decision to make the move to a Retirement Residence. The value of living in a Retirement Residence comes not just from the increased care level, but also from the meals, activities, housekeeping and nursing care are provided 24/7 and without effort on your part. Take a good hard look and compare the cost of living at home with living in a Retirement Residence. Living at home can have hidden costs often taken for granted:

  • Taxes

  • House Insurace

  • Maintenance: snow removal, grass cutting, landscape upkeep

  • Home repair and upkeep

  • Phone, internet, cable, utilities

  • Emergency medical services should you require help

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