With Levante’s exclusive Thrive and Nourish programs, your health and wellness are our top priority.

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The Levante Thrive Program.

Holistic, customizable wellness initiatives, to thrive on your terms

At Levante Living, our Thrive Wellness Program is dedicated to empowering you to find and maintain your optimal health and wellness.

What does health and wellness mean to you? We’ll work together to understand your personal health and wellness goals and priorities, then we’ll create a customized wellness plan that meets your needs and puts you on your path to optimal wellness.

Instead of one-size-fits-all senior living and care, Levante lets you customize your daily care services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Our independent living residents are able to add a la carte support services to your care plan, to cover any and all needs you have. Your personalized health and wellness program allows you to partner with our team of compassionate healthcare professionals to ensure all your daily care needs are met.

Popular add-on services offered through our Thrive Wellness Program initiatives include –

  • Support with your morning or evening routines

  • Support with bathing

  • Continence support

  • Nutritional support

  • Support with safe and effective mobility and transfers

  • Medication support and assistance

Levante Thrive is designed to help you achieve your optimal level of functioning, by providing you with the support you need to enjoy your life in comfort, ease, and security.

We’ll work with you to create your personalized wellness goals and develop an action plan that’s easy to follow. We’ll take the time to get to know you on a deeper level, to really understand what drives you and makes you tick. Best of all, Levante Thrive allows you to take control of your care, by selecting exactly the services you need to thrive and achieve your optimal health and wellness.

Instead of care levels that are all or nothing—Levante Thrive allows you to curate a care plan that’s designed just for you.

With Levante Thrive, you’ll unlock access to programming designed to nurture all aspects of your comprehensive health and wellness.

This signature program focuses on holistic wellness, with initiatives to support –

  • Physical health

  • Social wellbeing

  • Creative activities

  • Learning and growth opportunities

  • Emotional wellness

  • Spiritual enrichment

Join a Levante Living community and get ready to experience much more than the typical senior living offerings. Get ready to thrive.

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The Levante Nourish Program.

Because real nourishment is about more than meals

Levante Living recognizes that dining is so much more than just calories served on a plate. It’s a chance to linger over a meal that satisfies both your appetite and your sense of belonging.

That’s why Levante Living has created Levante Nourish, a dining program that focuses on nourishing both the body and the spirit.

We nourish the body through carefully planned, nutritious, inviting menus that enrich your body and delight your taste buds. And we nourish the spirit through appealing to all the senses in our curated dining room environments.

This is what makes dining such a special experience at each Levante Living residence.

Levante Nourish for the body with tempting and nutritious menus

Imagine waking up each morning knowing that the food you’ll eat at Levante Living is made using wholesome, nutritious ingredients that will fuel you throughout your day. All our meals are prepared fresh daily using a wide variety of flavors so you can always find something that will satisfy whatever you’re craving. Our menus are created ahead of time so you can look forward to enjoying your next tasty meal.

And there’s always a little something sweet after lunch or dinner. Whether it’s apple pie or a decadent brownie, our homemade desserts are legendary.

Do you have dietary restrictions? No problem! Our helpful and knowledgeable culinary staff can work with you to create a menu plan that works for you. At Levante Living, we take great pride in preparing food that nourishes the body—so you can fuel your life of joy, connection, and adventure.

Levante Nourish for the spirit with a warm and welcoming dining experience

While the food at a Levante Living residence is one of the most important parts of the dining experience, it’s even more wonderful to enjoy it in a lovely, spacious dining room with lively background music.

We’ve designed our dining rooms to be warm, welcoming, and conducive to good conversation.

We believe meals are a time to come together; to share a smile or connect with a neighbor you haven’t seen for a while. Smell the roasted chicken the moment you enter the dining room and anticipate your own plate. Have a seat and relish being served by our attentive and caring team members. Delight in the sights, rich aromas, and community interactions designed to nourish your spirit.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meals, the service, and attention to detail that nourishes both body and spirit. Come experience Levante Nourish.

Experience Thrive and Nourish with Levante Living.

Get in touch with our expert team to find the perfect Levante Living residence for you or someone you love. Our beautiful senior living communities throughout Ontario are ready to welcome you home and to help you experience the comprehensive wellness you deserve.