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Join a great group of people doing meaningful work!

Interested in making a real difference doing meaningful work in a growing retirement living company?

At Levante Living, we are passionate about serving our residents and their families, and creating a work culture of inclusiveness, trust, celebration, and support.

If you share our commitment to providing the best in senior care in Ontario and beyond, submit your information to join our team!

Our Levante Living company culture makes the difference.

While we strive to keep our wages competitive and benefits generous, the biggest difference you’ll find at Levante Living is our company culture.

At Levante, we value our team members. And we know you’re more likely to feel fulfilled when your needs are met, and your values are consistent with ours.

When a company invests in creating a culture of teamwork, it benefits everyone. A positive company culture encourages everyone to be more productive, enjoy their work, and experience positive wellbeing.

At Levante, our core values are: Connect, Achieve, and Flourish.

Learn more about how we conceptualize and integrate these core values into everything we do.




Levante Living Lifestyle


We CONNECT with each other and with our work. Levante means building relationships.

We asked Regional Director, Carey-Anne Echlin, what it means to connect at Levante Living.

Carey-Anne shared: “We cultivate a workplace culture that centers around acceptance, empathy, kindness, and empowerment. The safe spaces we create support open communication and trust among Levante team members. We also believe that celebrating and having fun together creates a sense of belonging—so we practice that!

We invest in each other’s stories, laugh, and do our best work. All of this supports an environment where you’ll feel connected to meaningful work, your teammates, the residents, and even yourself!”

Levante Living Lifestyle


We set our intentions, do our best work, and ACHIEVE great things. Levante values accomplishment with purpose.

When asked to explain the Levante value of achieve, Kerry Chartrand, Vice President of Levante Living, explained: “Being proud of what you accomplish in the workplace contributes to personal wellbeing as well as the overall health of any organization.

Here at Levante, we are growth-driven, proactive, accountable, and thoughtful. Whether you are a housekeeper or the Executive Director, you are challenged to do your best work, fully supported in that journey, and celebrated when you achieve your intentions. Come find out what you’re capable of and let’s achieve together!”

Levante Living Lifestyle


We FLOURISH when we are recognized, growing, and helping others. Levante is a place to thrive.

Marisa Zarifa, Regional Director, loves the word “flourish,” and the value it upholds.

She explains: “At Levante, our team flourishes when we are using our talents and gifts to the best of our ability in the service of others. It’s that feeling you get when another team member or resident comes up and says, ‘thanks so much for all you do!’ It’s knowing that if you have a concern or an idea, there’s a safe space to discuss it without judgment.

Flourishing means growth, and here at Levante, we take that seriously by investing in the education of our team members. We trust each other, lead with humility, practice generous kindness, grow together, and have fun while doing it. That’s what it means to flourish.”

“I love working (here). We have a very approachable management team. Fellow staff members get the work done. It feels like home, not a facility. I have been here for more than ten years. It is the best job I have ever had.”

– Current Levante Living employee

Levante Living Lifestyle
Levante Living Lifestyle
Levante Living Lifestyle
Levante Living Lifestyle

We’re always interested in adding dedicated senior living professionals to our team.

Interested in a career in senior living with Levante Living?

Learn more about some of our exciting careers in senior living.

Executive Director

Make a difference in the lives of residents, their families and team members by taking on the responsibility for the overall management and operations of a Levante Living residence. Gain meaningful work experience, enhance your leadership skills, build your resume, and expand your network.

Retirement Living Consultant

Partnering with the Regional Director and the Director of Sales and Marketing, you’ll work to improve occupancy by building relationships with prospective residents. Be a part of a vibrant team and gain valuable skills, while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Director of Wellness

The Director of Wellness oversees aspects of the Wellness Department and health related programs and procedures at Levante residences. You’ll form meaningful relationships with team members, residents, and the community, while building your resume and doing important work in the healthcare sector.

Manager, Culinary Experience

As a cook, you’ll nourish residents’ bodies and spirits with homestyle, family meals. You can have a work-life balance with defined schedules and menus and be a valued member of the team. Become part of our team, grow your skills and career, and have the satisfaction of helping make seniors’ lives brighter, every day.

Manager, Recreation

In this role, you will lead ongoing events and activities that will enrich the lives of seniors. Maximize your talents by designing and implementing new activities that contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of our community. Foster relationships with older adults and supportive team members as you grow your skills and gain valuable work experience.

Manager, Building Services

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the buildings and grounds to maintain proper care of the community. Keeping our buildings and grounds looking great and running efficiently plays a key role in sales and in the satisfaction of residents. You can take pride in knowing that your work is integral to the success of the residence.


RN/RPN’s assist in maintaining the physical, social, and psychological environment in the best interest of residents. In coordination with the Director of Wellness, you’ll monitor the care of residents, according to treatment plans prescribed by a physician, as well as documenting responses to care plans. RN/RPNs are a valuable part of our team and trusted care giver to our community of residents.


Have a passion for helping people? Working at a Levante residence will offer you the opportunity to care for the same individuals each day, becoming part of their extended community. We are looking for people who enjoy working in a supportive team environment and who find caring for others to be meaningful work.


As a Levante housekeeper, you will keep community spaces and resident suites clean. This important role ensures our residences are presented in a positive manner and are a great place to live. Housekeepers interact with residents and guests. Grow your skills and career and have the satisfaction of helping make seniors’ lives brighter, every day.

Levante Living is hiring!